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Center for Chinese Studies (University of Michigan) Records

This Deep Blue collection forms part of a larger record group for the University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies held by the Bentley Historical Library. See the following online finding aids for a more complete listing of materials related to the U-M Center for Chinese Studies:

Includes audio recordings of participants from a 2010 symposium sponsored by the Bentley Historical Library and the U-M Center for Chinese Studies in conjunction with the Sixth Joint Seminar on Archival Methods co-organized by the Bentley Library and the State Archives Administration of China.

The one-day symposium on Archival Advances and Historical Research: Shanghai Municipal Archives and Beyond was held on October 28, 2010 at Palmer Commons on the U-M campus.

Presentations by representatives of the Shanghai Municipal Archives were followed by commentaries from U-M faculty, Bentley Library archivists, the city archivist of Copenhagen, Denmark, and China scholars from the University of Toronto and Dickinson College. A total of thirty-six archivists from throughout China attended the event.

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Copyright is held by the Regents of the University of Michigan.

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