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Title: Dogon Najamba Audio Files Open Access Deposited
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  • Digitized cassette tapes
  • Najamba is spoken chiefly in villages on the edges of low cliffs flanking a long valley near Douentza in central Mali. It belongs to a cluster of languages/dialects including Kindige, spoken mostly along the main Douentza-Sevare highway, and the varieties around Borko on the (very) high plateau on the northwestern edge of the Dogon (Bandiagara) plateau. These varieties are often collectively called Bondu So, but this is an exonym. A grammar of Najamba was published electronically by Language Description Heritage Library in 2017 It is backed up at Deep Blue documents. One cassette was recorded (on one side only) in Kubewel village in 2004. Two cassettes were recorded in Adia village in 2005 in a single long session. These have been digitized. The inventory is: Kubewel: 2004-01 side A; Adia 2005-01 side A; 2005-01 side B; 2005-02 side A; 2005-02 side B. The 2004 tape had poor sound quality and was not transcribed. A substantial part of 2005-01 side A and 2005-02 side A was transcribed and translated in unpublished keyboarded documents in 2009 (see below). The material from 2005-01 side A was further edited and appeared as a single long text at the end of the published grammar. The unpublished documents included in this work are: transcriptions: Dogon Najamba 2005_01_A Adia text transcribed 2009; Dogon Najamba 2005_02_A Adia text transcribed 2009. translations: Dogon Najamba 2005_01_A Adia text translated 2009; Dogon Najamba 2005_02_A Adia text translated 2009
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