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Title: Dogon Bunoge Boudou Audio Files Open Access Deposited
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  • The audio recordings were made using a microphone connected to a Macintosh computer using Quicktime .mov format. Copies of these files were made in .wav format for preservation purposes. Both .mov and .wav files are available for download.
  • Bunoge is a Dogon language spoken in Boudou and two neighboring villages in central Mali. These texts were recorded in the original Boudou village (perched on a peak) in 2015. The content of the texts is: 2015-01 greetings and initial conversations; 2015-02 history of Boudou, part 1; 2015-03 history of Boudou, part 2; 2015-04 farming methods; 2015-05 carts and gardening; 2015-06 farming; 2015-07 wells, road, and school; 2015-08 tale; 2015-09 tale. Heath, A grammar of Bunoge, is electronically published (2017) at Language Description Heritage Library with backup copy at Deep Blue documents. DOI is 10.17617/2.2417511 At the end of the grammar are formatted transcriptions/translations of 2015-02, 2015-03, 2015-05, 2015-08, and 2015-09. The remaining texts (2015-01, 2015-04, 2015-06, and 2015-07) have not been transcribed as of May 2018. I grant permission to other scholars to transcribe, translate, and/or analyse these texts.
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  • On February 28, 2020, a new version of README.txt was added to this dataset in place of the original version. The updated version now here contains corrected information about the files this dataset contains and is the most accurate and up-to-date documentation. The description was also updated to more accurately reflect the files in this Work. No other alterations we made.
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README FILE FOR "Dogon Bunoge" audio


These audio files are recordings of people speaking the Bunoge language (Dogon language family) in Boudou village (east of Mopti), Mali, in the year 2015. They were recorded by Jeffrey Heath in one session. Because of technical problems with our normal recording devices, the recordings were made directly into a Macintosh laptop using QuickTime Player, in .mov format.

Bunoge is a small-population Dogon language spoken in Boudou and two other small villages on the western edge of the Dogon (Bandiagara) plateau, west of Mopti, Mali.

There is a reference grammar of this language. It is available online:
Jeffrey Heath, A grammar of Bunoge.
with backup at

At the end of the grammar, some of the recordings in this work are transcribed and translated.

The full inventory of these recordings is given below. The texts preceded by * are transcribed and translated at the end of the grammar (pp. 339-357).

2015-01 greetings and initial conversations
duration 00:47

*2015-02 history of Boudou, part 1
duration 00:32

*2015-03 history of Boudou, part 2
duration 00:52

2015-04 farming methods
duration 01:58

*2015-05 carts and gardening
duration 01:37

2015-06 farming
duration 00:51

2015-07 wells, road, and school
duration 01:28

*2015-08 tale: Hyena and Hare
duration 02:19

*2015-09 tale: The lion, the old woman, and the hyena
duration 01:08

The recordings 2015-01, 2015-04, 2015-06, and 2015-07 have not yet been transcribed or translated. Jeffrey Heath hereby grants others the right to transcribe, translate, or otherwise work on these recordings.

Excerpts of these translations are provided as a pdf document with the Data Set “Dogon Bunoge Boudou Audio Files” ( to provide a translation for the following audio files:
Boudou 02 history March 2015
Boudou 03 history March 2015
Boudou 05 carts gardening March 2015
Boudou 08 tale March 2015
Boudou 09 tale March 2015

The excerpt uses colored text to connote its purpose:
black text = the main text
blue text = regular phonological transcriptions for this language
green text = transcriptions for other languages, *reconstructions, [phonetic transcriptions], and formulae


These audios are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please see: for more information.

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