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Title: Dogon Bunoge Boudou Audio Files Open Access Deposited
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  • The audio recordings were made using a microphone connected to a Macintosh computer using Quicktime .mov format. Copies of these files were made in .wav format for preservation purposes. Both .mov and .wav files are available for download.
  • Bunoge is a Dogon language spoken in Boudou and two neighboring villages in central Mali. These texts were recorded in the original Boudou village (perched on a peak) in 2015. The content of the texts is: 2015-01 greetings and initial conversations; 2015-02 history of Boudou, part 1; 2015-03 history of Boudou, part 2; 2015-04 farming methods; 2015-05 carts and gardening; 2015-06 gardening; 2015-07 wells, road, and school; 2015-08 tale; 2015-09 tale. Heath, A grammar of Bunoge, is electronically published (2017) at Language Description Heritage Library with backup copy at Deep Blue documents. DOI is 10.17617/2.2417511 At the end of the grammar are formatted transcriptions/translations of 2015-02, 2015-03, 2015-05, 2015-08, and 2015-09. The remaining texts (2015-01, 2015-04, 2015-06, and 2015-07) have not been transcribed as of May 2018. I grant permission to other scholars to transcribe, translate, and/or analyse these texts.
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Heath, J. (2019). Dogon Bunoge Boudou Audio Files [Data set]. University of Michigan - Deep Blue.


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