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North Woods Call Newspaper

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Newspaper devoted to coverage of wildlife conservation, environmental protection, and outdoor recreation in northern Michigan and across the state. Available as an electronic publication since September 2012; additional print copies are available for research at the Bentley Historical Library.

The North Woods Call was founded in 1953 by Marguerite Gahagan, who ran the newspaper for 16 yearsbefore selling it to Glen Sheppard in 1969. Under the editorship of Gahagan and Sheppard, The Call covered a wide variety of conservation issues and was involved in prominent environmental efforts for more than half a century. Sheppard ran The Call with his wife, Mary Lou, for 42 years until his death in 2011. Mrs. Sheppard sold the publication to editor and publisher Mike VanBuren; after an absence of 18 months, The North Woods Call emerged as an online newspaper in September 2012.

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