Jack D. Cheesman Iwo Jima Collection


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Jack D. Cheesman Iwo Jima Collection

The materials in this Deep Blue collection are digitized versions of papers and photographs held at the Bentley Historical Library. Please contact the library's division of Reference and Access Services for more information.

Jack Donald Cheesman was born January 1, 1924 in Ypsilanti, MI and died June 1, 2013 in his home in Ann Arbor. A 1943 graduate of Ypsilanti High School, Cheesman served with the V Amphibious Corps of the United States Marines and saw action on Iwo Jima, where he witnessed the U.S. flag being raised. This digitized collection includes a photo album assembled by Cheesman of images taken by USMC photographer Douglas H. Page, several images of Cheesman and a comrade in uniform, two news clippings related to the war in the South Pacific, and a Japanese map of Iwo Jima. The photo album contains graphic depictions of the Marines' landing and combat operations, as well as images of boats, heavy equipment, and encampments and associated infrastructure. The album also contains numerous images of Lt. General Holland M. Smith and Major Generals Harry Schmidt, Clifton B. Cates, Graves B. Erskine, and Keller E. Rockey.

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