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Deep Blue

Deep Blue provides access to the work that makes the University of Michigan a leader in research, teaching, and creativity. By representing our faculty, staff, and student scholars as individuals and as members of communities, Deep Blue is where you will find and the Library preserves the best scholarly and artistic work done at Michigan.

What you get when you use Deep Blue:

Making your work accessible via Deep Blue will ensure more of your peers can find it (in Google Scholar, for example) and will cite it.
Deep Blue uses special technology that assures the stability of your work's location online, making the citation to it as reliable as a scholarly journal, while as accessible as any website. No broken links!
Deep Blue supports a variety of formats, and we encourage you to deposit not just the finished work but related materials (including data, images, audio and video files, etc.) to create a "director's cut" that gives context to that work and promotes further scholarship.
Safe storage
This goes hand-in-hand with permanence. Deep Blue ensures that you only have to deposit the work once. From then on the Library takes care of backups, compatibility, and format issues. There are some technical limitations to the formats we can support indefinitely, but our commitment to preserving the integrity of your work exactly as you deposit it is 100%.
Control over access
Deep Blue allows you to limit who can see various aspects of your work for a given time, if you need to. This is difficult to do on a personal website without hiding the work completely.
Beyond what is described above, Deep Blue provides context in two additional ways. First, UM is a destination for the best researchers and scholars, and Deep Blue places you in the larger context of the UM environment, side-by-side with the scholarly and artistic contributions of your colleagues and students. Second, as other universities, institutions, and organizations begin to provide this service for their work as well, we will collaborate with them to create discipline-specific services.

The University Library provides this service free to you as part of the UM scholarly community. Further, Deep Blue is designed to meet not only today's demands but also new ones as they evolve. It will continue to grow and evolve to reflect current publishing needs and norms identified by UM faculty, staff, students, and the communities you form.

Your work: cited more, safe forever. Deep Blue makes it simple.